The statue of Dr. Ambedkar アンベードカル博士像

The statue of Dr. Ambedkar is located on the campus of Koyasan University, Wakayama Prefecture.
Dr. Bhimrao Ramoji Ambedkar (1891-1956) served as the Law Minister in Nehru's cabinet and as the chairman of the Constitution Drafting Committee, and is known as the ``father of the Indian Constitution.''
In September 2015, in commemoration of the 1200th anniversary of the founding of Mt. Koya and the 125th anniversary of the birth of Ambedkar, a bronze statue was made.
The unveiling ceremony was attended by many people, including the Government of Maharashtra and the Governor of Wakayama Prefecture.
At the same time, a document was signed between Koyasan University and the University of Marathawada in Maharashtra.
Every year in April, the birth month of Dr. Ambedkar, a puja is held in front of the statue to celebrate his birth.
From November 25th to December 6th, 2020, the exhibition ``Establishment of the Indian Constitution'' was held at the Koyasan Tourist Information Center to commemorate the India-Wakayama friendship.
Take a bus from Koyasan Station on the Nankai Electric Railway Koya Line and get off at Senjuinbashi Nishi, then walk 5 minutes.

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