Fudodo 不動堂

The Fudodo is the oldest extant building in Koyasan.
The Kongobuji Fudodo was constructed in 1198 under the orders of Hachijo Nyoin, the daughter of Emperor Toba.
The exterior design, which looks like that of a residence, is excellent; inside the building, there is a cabinet to enshrine the image of the chief deity, Fudo-myoo (Acalanatha) and the statues of his 8 accompanying deities, and a small room where devout followers confine themselves to give prayer.
Those 8 accompanying deity statues are exhibited in Koyasan Reihokan Museum.
This structure is precious as one of the few worship buildings on Mt. Koya which were constructed and donated by an Imperial family member that date back to the Medieval Period of Japan. 

Buses from Koyasan station to the Kondomae bus stop take 15 minutes. In front of the Chumon there are parking lot.