The grave of a poor woman called Oteru  貧女の一燈 お照の墓

The grave of a poor woman called Oteru is located at Katsuragi Town in Wakayama prefecture.
The Torodo is a prayer chapel in front of Kobo Daishi’s mausoleum in Okunoin.
The Torodo was built by Shinzen, Kobo Daishi’s successor, and rebuilt in 1023 by Fujiwara no Michinaga at roughly its present size.
The hall contains lamps that have burned continuously since their donation centuries ago; The Kishin-to donated by the monk Kishin, the Shirakawa-to donated by the emperor Shirakawa and a lamp known as “ Oteru’s frame,” donated by a poor woman called Oteru who sold her precious black hair in order to buy the lamp for the prayer of her parents.
Oteru died at Amano in Katsuragi after the donation, and the nun Myosyunni made Oteru’s grave in Amano.
It takes about 5 minutes walk from the Niutsuhime shrine.(Y.N)