Jofuku-in 成福院 魔尼宝塔

Jofuku-in temple with Mani Hoto (Treasure Pagoda) is a quasi-special head temple located in the Ojoin Valley of Mt. Koya, Wakayama Prefecture.

The principal image is a wooden statue of Daizuikumyoo, which is said to be the Buddha who erases the evil sins and hindrances that are hidden within oneself and makes wishes come true.

According to the Kii Shoku Fudoki (historical guide book), it was also called ``Fujinobo'' and was completely destroyed in a fire in 1523.

It was rebuilt in the Tenmon era (1532-55) by the 192nd Kengyo of Koyasan, Gyoei Chogenbo.

During the Edo period, it belonged to the scholarly clan and had deep connections with the Mori family, lords of Kiyosue castles in Chosyu province (Yamaguchi Pref.) the Terasawa family, lords of Hizen Karatsu Castle in Kyushu, the Song family, lords of Tsushima, and the Asukai family, nobles.

The former chief priest, Tenzui Ueda, who proposed the Mani Hoto (Treasure Pagoda), went to Thailand in 1941 to study southern Buddhism, and after the outbreak of World War II, he entered Burma and experienced the tragic war, becoming a Burmese monk.

In 1944, he miraculously returned alive with a Shakyamuni Buddha statue and the Tripitaka Sutra given to him by Burma, and a pagoda was built to enshrine them, comfort the spirits of those who died in the war in Burma, and offer a memorial service to the victims of the Pacific War. started.

Construction of Mani Hoto Pagoda began in 1952, and it was finally completed 26 years later.

Later, in order to promote goodwill between Japan and Burma, a statue of Buddha was presented to the shrine by former President La Ne Win, and a marble lion was presented to the shrine by the Burmese High Priest U Sandi Maung Ta, both of which are on display along with artworks.

In the basement of the pagoda, there is a pilgrimage to the altar, where you can connect with the Buddha by walking through a pitch-black corridor and touching the lock located directly below the main image.

In 1981, a charnel tower for the Burma war dead was erected in Okunoin.

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