Okunoin 奥の院

Okunoin is a cemetery and sacred area that extends about 2km from the Ichinohashi bridge to Kobo Daishi's mausoleum.
The path is lined on both sides by hundreds of centuries-old towering cedar trees.
Among the trees are over 200,000 gravestones and memorial pagodas for people ranging from important figures to commoners.
Every year on August 13th, Candle Festival (Rosoku Matsuri) is held on the path.
100,000 candles are lit along the path in the precincts of Okunoin from the Ichinohashi bridge to the Torodo (Lantern Hall).
From 8:00pm, a Buddhist memorial ceremony is held at the Torodo.
The best way to approach Okunoin is to take the bus from Koyasan station to Ichinohashimaebus stop.(Y.N)

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