Saizen-in 西禅院

Saizen-in is the Special branch temple of the Koyasan Shingon sect located in Tanigami, north of Danjo Garan, Wakayama prefecture.
Originally, the principal image was Sho Kannon Bodhisattva, which is said to have been created by Gyoki, but when it merged with Shinran's Soan, it is said that Amida Nyorai, which Shinran himself carved and worshiped, became the principal image.

Although the details of its founding are unknown, it is said that the temple was founded by Meijaku, also known as Oki Shonin, in the late Heian period.

In addition, the Kii Shoku Fudoki records Izumi-katsu as the founder of the temple, based on the records of this temple's past records.
According to temple record, Shinran ran a hermitage during the eternal years (1113-1118) and called it Amida-in, but later merged it with this temple, and a stone pillar in front of the gate inscribed with the words ``Bekkaku Honzan (Special branch temple) Kenshin Daishi (Shinran)' "Kosekibo Saizen-in"
There are three gardens in the temple grounds created by Mirei Shigemori, which were disignated as a national registered monument in 2010.

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