Sekizogorin Sotobagun stupas 石造五輪卒塔婆群

Sekizogorin Sotobagun are located at east corner of Niutsuhime-jinja in Wakayama prefecture.
These five-tiered stupas were built by itinerant priests around the 13th century.
There used to be many Buddhist structures such as Buddhist halls, stupas in the Niutsuhime-jinja shrine compound, however they were moved or dismantled when the Shintoism and Buddhism Separation Decree was issued in the 19th century.
The esoteric Mantra stone is adjacent to the stupas. The mantra stone was built in 1662 and mantra of light written by Sanskrit letters are inscribed.

From Kaseda station of the JR Wakayama line, it takes about 30 minites by the Katsuragi Community Bus.(Y.N)