FAQs in Souji-in

Q What time is check-in and check-out?
A Check-in time is 15:00, and check-out time is 10:00.
When guests arrive before 15:00, we will keep their bags.
If guests arrive after 17:00, please tell us by telephone or e-mail.
Telephone number is 0736-56-2111.
E-mail address is soujiin@kind.ocn.ne.jp.
When guests do not arrive at Soujiin by 19:30, dinner may not be served in Soujiin.
The last check-in time is 21:00.

Q When is the gate closed?

A  The temple gate will be closed at 21:00.

Q Can Guests join the Okunoin Cemetery Night Tour?
A Yes. Please make the web reservation of the Okunoin Cemetery Night Tour with return bus.
We will set the dinner time at 5:30 PM.
You will start Souji-in to the tour meeting place after dinner.
It is 15 minutes walk to the tour meeting place.
After the tour, tour organizers will take you to Souji-in by bus.

Q When guests leave something in the guest room.
A Please contact to us by telephone or e-mail
Telephone number is 0736-56-2111.
E-mail address is soujiin@kind.ocn.ne.jp
As for foods and beverages, we do not keep them.

Q Dinner and breakfast.
A Dinner and breakfast are the vegetarian food.
We do not use meat and fish.
Dinner starts at 17:30,18:00,18:30 or 19:00 and breakfast starts at 7:20

Q Are there convenience stores near Soujiin?
A There is a convenience store which is 5 minutes’walk from Soujiin
There are convenient goods and services.

Q How about the charge of children.
Babies under 3-years old are free of charge.
The fee of children (4 - 12 years old) is 70% of the adults.

Q How to make a reservation from oversees.
A  The bookings from overseas are accepted by website.
Guests from abroad may also make a reservation through the Japanese travel agents.

Q How to use an iron
A Please ask to the front office.

Q Credit cards
A Guests may use credit cards of VISA and MASTER.

Q Is there any non-smoking rooms?
A All rooms of Soujiin are non-smoking.
There are smoking areas on first and second floor.

Q  Is there a room with washlets ?
A  All rooms have a washlet.

Q What kind of goods are in the room?
A All rooms are air-conditioned.
There is a TV, refrigerator, hairdryer, hotpot, towel, bath towel, Yukata (Kimono), winter garment(Tanzen), toothbrush, comb, razor, Japanese tea, tea and coffee.

Q Is Wi-fi available in Soujiin?
A Free Wi-Fi is available in Soujiin.

Q When will a cancellation fee be applied?

A We will not charge the guests for the cancellation fee until 8 days before the reservation date.
When guests cancel within 7 days of the arriving date, the cancellation fee will be 100 % of the accommodation fee.

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