FAQs in Souji-in

Q1 What time is check-in and check-out?
A1 Check-in time is 15:00, and check-out time is 10:00.
When guests arrive before 15:00, we will keep their bags.
If guests arrive after 17:00, please tell us by telephone or e-mail.
Telephone number is 0736-56-2111.
E-mail address is soujiin@kind.ocn.ne.jp.
When guests do not arrive at Soujiin by 19:30, dinner may not be served in Soujiin.
The last check-in time is 21:00.

Q2 When is the gate closed?

A2  The temple gate will be closed at 21:00.

Q3 Can Guests join the Okunoin Cemetery Night Tour?
A3 Yes. Please make the web reservation of the Okunoin Cemetery Night Tour with return bus.
We will set the dinner time at 5:30 PM.
You will start Souji-in to the tour meeting place after dinner.
It is 15 minutes walk to the tour meeting place.
After the tour, tour organizers will take you to Souji-in by bus.

Curfew of Souji-in is 9:00PM.

Q4 When guests leave something in the guest room.
A4 Please contact to us by telephone or e-mail
Telephone number is 0736-56-2111.
E-mail address is soujiin@kind.ocn.ne.jp
As for foods and beverages, we do not keep them.

Q5 Dinner and breakfast.
A5 Dinner and breakfast are the vegetarian food.
Name of the vegetarian foods are listed on the web page. We do not use meat and fish.
Dinner starts at 17:30,18:00,18:30 or 19:00 and breakfast starts at 7:20

Q6 Foods for the Guests of Gluten free
A6 We provide vegetarian food for Guests.
Soy sauce is indispensable and included almost all of the food.
When Guest does not accept soy sauce which includes gluten, we will provide rice only for dinner and breakfast.
We hope that guests will bring their food or snacks.

Q7 Are there convenience stores near Soujiin?
A7 There is a convenience store which is 5 minutes’walk from Soujiin
There are convenient goods and services.

Q8 How about the charge of children.
A8 Babies under 3-years old are free of charge.
The fee of children (4 - 12 years old) is 100% of the adults.

Q9 How to make a reservation from oversees.
A9  The bookings from overseas are accepted by website.
Guests from abroad may also make a reservation through the Japanese travel agents.

Q10 How to use an iron
A10 Please ask to the front office.

Q11 Credit cards
A11 Guests may use credit cards of VISA and MASTER.

Q12 Is there any non-smoking rooms?
A12 All rooms of Soujiin are non-smoking.
There are smoking areas on the first floor.

Q13  Is there a room with washlets ?
A13  All rooms have a washlet.

Q14 What kind of goods are in the room?
A14 All rooms are air-conditioned.
There is a TV, refrigerator, hairdryer, hotpot, towel, bath towel, Yukata (Kimono), winter garment(Tanzen), toothbrush, comb, razor, Japanese tea.

Q15 Is Wi-fi available in Soujiin?
A15 Free Wi-Fi is available in Soujiin.

Q16 When will a cancellation fee be applied?

A16 We will not charge the guests for the cancellation fee until 8 days before the reservation date.
When guests cancel within 7 days of the arriving date, the cancellation fee will be 100 % of the accommodation fee.
When the service of puplic tranportation would be suspended, we will not charge the guests for the cancellation fee.

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