Great Gate Daimon 高野山大門

Great Gate Daimon is the main gate of the holy Koya mountain in Wakayama prefecture.
Originally a torii gate in Tsuzura valley used to be the main entrance when Kobo Daishi founded his monastery.
The ruins of that torii gate, called Ancient Daimon
(Kodaimon), can be found 400-500m down from the present site.
Daimon gate was constructed in 1140, but it has been destroyed several times. The present gate was rebuilt in 1705 and is 25.1m high.
On both side of the gate, statues of protector deities watch over the entrance of the Koyasan.

On the central pillars of the gate, there are couplet plates.
The source of the couplet words is the sentence written by Jogaku, the archbishop of the Toji temple in the 11th century.

It means that although Kobodaishi remains in eternal meditation at Okunoin, he appears at the place of close connection everyday and pray for the liberation of all beings.
On the clear days, visitors can glimpse distant Awaji island and the Inland sea in the west.
The view of the sunset here is spectacular and selected one of the best 100 in Japan.
It is registered as a National Important Cultural Asset.
The gate is illuminated at night.(Y.N)